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North London , Goblin & Chatham Main Line 2016

Note - I know that a 172 doesn't go anywhere near Swanley - its just a picture to show two of the trains included with the routes. 

Description: This route basically combines North London & Goblin into Chatham Main Line and is set in 2016 so has Battersea Park P1 culled completely and P2 as a terminal platform. There is also a quick drive where you can drive from Rainham to Rainham (London to Kent and Vice Versa - Electric though via Stratford)

Notes: Goblin is not electrified in this version (like the other route uploaded), also need to add Orpington to the quick drives. 


  • Added Orpington and Orpington Via Catford as Destinations for Goblin Line stations
  • Fixed Gap in Overhead Wires at Stratford P2


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