An electric multiple unit or EMU is a multiple unit train consisting of self-propelled carriages, using electricity as the motive power. An EMU requires no separate locomotive, as electric traction motors are incorporated within one or a number of the carriages. Most EMUs are used for passenger trains, but some have been built or converted for specialised non-passenger roles, such as carrying mail or luggage, or in departmental use, for example as de-icing trains. An EMU is usually formed of two or more semi-permanently coupled carriages, but electrically powered single-unit railcars are also generally classed as EMUs.

EMUs are popular on commuter and suburban rail networks around the world due to their fast acceleration and pollution-free operation.Being quieter than DMUs and locomotive-drawn trains, EMUs can operate later at night and more frequently without disturbing residents living near the railway lines

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The British Rail Class 365 "Networker Express" are dual-voltage (25 kV AC and 750 V DC) electric multiple units built by ABB at York, from 1994 to 1995. These were the last units to be built at the York factory before its closure. All Class 365 units in service have received front-end cab modifications to equip them with cab air conditioning, installed by WAGN, the design of which has given them the nickname "Happy Train"

Although specified as a dual-voltage unit, Class 365s have never operated with this capability since they were built with only one system of traction current pickup. Units 365501 to 365516, which worked briefly for Network SouthEast before the franchise was given to Connex South Eastern, were originally supplied only with DC shoe gear for use on the 750 V third-rail system (with the exception of unit 365502, which ran briefly on the AC network during testing and commissioning and was the main reason for this unit being chosen as the one subleased from Connex South Eastern to WAGN to bolster unit availability in the aftermath of the Potters Bar Crash in 2002). In this configuration the maximum speed was 90 mph (145 km/h).

When they transferred to West Anglia Great Northern for use with 25 kV AC overhead line traction supply, the shoes and associated equipment were removed and a Brecknell Willis high speed pantograph was installed, along with other operator and voltage-specific modifications and testing by Bombardier Transportation at its Doncaster Works, shortly before the works were closed.

However, the 365s retain the original 750 V DC bus, meaning that when on 25 kV overhead lines the current is collected as AC, rectified to DC for the onboard systems, and then inverted back to AC for the 3-phase traction motors. For running on overhead lines the maximum speed was raised to 100 mph (161 km/h).

Great Northern, which took over the service formerly operated by First Capital Connect until 14 September 2014, and previously WAGN until 1 April 2006, uses Class 365s on outer-suburban services from King's Cross. These services are shared with older Class 317 and Class 321 units, although 365s are seen more frequently.

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This is reskin of the Class 365 from East Coast Main Line: London-Peterborough , into three Southeastern Liveries, including Southeastern Grey Stripe, Blue Stripe and a Dark Blue livery (based but not 100% on the new 375 livery)

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The Class 375 is the principal train used by Southeastern, and has replaced the life expired slam door Mark 1 derived stock which came to an end of their useful lives on mainline services to Kent and East Sussex and which did not meet up with modern health and safety requirements. All the Southeastern units have also been converted from Tightlock to Dellner couplers, but unlike the Southern fleet, they have not been reclassified as 377s. The 375/8 and 375/9 sub-classes were built with Dellner couplers from new. The only noticeable difference from the class 377 is that none of the 375's have external CCTV.

The Class 375 has GPS-based Selective Door Opening (SDO), so if the train configuration is too long for a particular station, the doors which are overhanging the platform will not open. An example of this is at Rochester Station which can only hold 10 cars.

In May 2015, unit 375301 was moved from Ramsgate Depot to Derby Litchurch Lane for a full refurbishment. On 16 May 2015, it was returned to the Kent depot wearing a new livery, similar to, but not based on the 'Highspeed' livery carried by the high speed Class 395 EMU, with a more vibrant shade of blue on the saloon doors and bolder stripes to highlight First Class and Disabled areas. Internally, the unit has received new carpets and lino flooring, new table top covers and the grab poles, side panels and table legs have been re-powdercoated. The existing seatcovers have been retained, but were dry cleaned to provide a brighter, cleaner interior. This work will also involve combining the two separate First Class sections on four car units into one section in the end of MOSL coach.

Our Reskin is of the refurbished edition of the Class 375


** Updated 12th November 2017 **
Version 2.3

About this Reskin

A pack of 3 reskins containing 3 versions of the Southeastern Livery, one based on the current livery for the Southeastern Class 376 (white + grey stripe), one based on the more recent blue stripe livery, as well as another based upon the more recent Class 375 Dark Blue livery.


November 2017 Update:

* Replaced Logo to better versions
* Tweaks to textures
* Updated to match updates to 378 (when Goblin was released)
* Updated DC / DV 3rd Quick Drives with more routes
* Updated AC Quick Drives to remove routes (to not show up on 3rd rail)



About this Reskin

Built in the early 2000s, the units had a troubled introduction; being fully air-conditioned, their higher power consumption compared to the slam-door Mark 1-based stock that they replaced led to major upgrades being required to the 750 V DC third-rail power supply used in the former Southern region.[1] The collapse of Railtrack following the Hatfield accident further delayed this upgrade work, and the new stock did not enter squadron service until 2003.

Class 377s are fitted with external CCTV. There is a disabled seating area, and both intermediate coaches have toilets. Bodyside power doors are electrically operated, a move away from the air powered systems of previous generation EMUs. Dual-voltage units are fitted with a Brecknell Willis high-speed pantograph, incorporating a pair of aerofoils on the pan knuckle to steady the pan head against the OLE contact wire.

This livery pack represents the livery when they are transferred for use on the Great Northern Franchise. This is currently a possible outcome for these units, when they have finished the Thameslink services.


About this Reskin

In conjunction with Zeo Rail Sim, the makers behind the popular The Isle of Wight Workshop routes, A custom rolling stock has been created especially for them.

South East Kent, now received their new rolling stock, has released their Class 375/7’s to the Isle of Wight, for Operation in this lovely southern part of the United Kingdom. Before their arrival, the rolling stock received a complete refurbishment, including new seating and interior decorations.

This Livery Pack has Quick Drive Enabled trains in both 3 & 4 Car Formations, and in 3rd Rail only




Reskin Credits

Design : Zeo Rail

This is reskin of the Class 375 within South London Network to that of a representation of the Class 377/5 that was recently transferred from Thameslink to Southeastern, it still has the First Capital Connect base blue livery with a Southeastern Livery on top of that, and a Southern Interior. Destinations are the same as the Chatham Main Line Class 375 but have included a list within the zip file.


Notes: I was unable to do the numbering in the correct place, however once i’ve worked out how, I shall re-upload it, also thanks to Albie Pearce, Ash Clark and Stuart Saich for their help on the main colour of the unit (the original DTG version was slightly off it seemed)

This one is an updated version of the one that I did about a year ago, this includes a new Interior for each of them, as well as custom destinations as before, and an improved texture at the front of the train.


This is basically a fictional reskin on what a Crossrail EMU might look like with the Class 378 as an example, although in real life it probably won’t be this train but it might work perhaps?

Updated to Include a variant of the Crossrail Livery that says “Elizabeth Line” and also a TFL Rail variant (with blue doors)

About This Reskin

The first Class 387’s were ordered to enable the existing Class 319 on the Thameslink route to be transferred to Northern Rail for use on the newly-electrified Manchester Victoria to Liverpool via Newton-le-Willows route. On behalf of the Department for Transport, Southern issued an OJEU notice in December 2012 with proposals received in January 2013. The invitation to tender for the fleet was released the following month with final offers being submitted by 18 June 2013. Southern announced it had signed a deal with Bombardier on 30 July 2013 for 29 four carriage sets. The deal also included an option for 140 carriages which have since been taken up with 108 for Gatwick Express and 32 for Great Western Railway.

Porterbrook has purchased 80 class 387 Electrostar vehicles from Bombardier. The vehicles will be built at Bombardier’s Derby Litchurch Lane and delivery will start in October 2016, with full delivery to be taken ahead of June 2017. They have declared that these are buffer stock, where operators can obtain additional vehicles for their lines.

This reskin, is entirely fictional. If Northern Rail asked and was successful of acquiring these 387’s from Poterbrook, This is what it would look like.


Here is a pack of reskins for the Class 455/8 and Class 455/9, this pack contains 3 versions of each Variant, Southeastern Yellow Door and Grey Stripe, Southeastern Blue Door and Grey Stripe, and a Dark Blue variant. (the first two based on the Class 508 while the last one based on the Class 375 new livery)

Here is a reskin based upon the First Capital Connect Class 465, a fictional livery that is based on the 365 livery. Also included are variants of the First Capital Connect Livery with Greater Northern and Thameslink branding.


Here is a reskin based upon the Network Southeast Class 465 – although unfortunately it has the newer traction motors because of the model which is something that I can’t change.



This is reskin of the 1938 Stock, into three liveries...

  • Network Southeast
  • Modern LT Red (both based on Isle of Wight)
  • Southeastern Dark Blue livery (based but not 100% on the new 375 livery).

While they might seem simple reskins - the model was remapped which is why these took longer.
(also to note the destinations and passenger view took most of the time)


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