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1Z81 Trent Valley : Magical Mystery

I would like, if may....... to take you...... on a strange journey......... Back in the good old days of British Rail, when the railway was a real railway, when enthusiasts and staff were hard to tell apart.... there ran trains...... But of course trains ran, it's a railway!! We ran Mystery Tours, or Mystex Trains. So Mysterious that not even the train crew knew where they were going. When the crews booked on for duty they were given instructions on their diagrams to run train 1Zxx from Point A to Point B and get relief. Very few staff knew where the trains were going to terminate and it actually worked - People bought their tickets for the train, turned up at the departing station, got on the train and a few hours later arrived at their destination - Some got the jackpot and some arrived at least exciting places!!

For those that don't know me, I grew up an enthusiast and then worked for BR until Privatisation and then forward with EWS until 2005. My interests lie with the BR era from the introduction of BTC The Modernisation Plan upto the end of BR in 1995. Thus I present my latest scenario - The Magical Mystery Tour. I have used the WCML Trent Valley Route with a run from Rugby to Stafford, stopping at a few intermediate stations enroute to anywhere!!! I have used a fictitious timetable, been creative with the stock but its things that would have happened and would have been seen in 1970s & 80s. I am also trying a new method of scenario writing, below are all the instructions you will need to complete the scenario as there are NO Pop Up messages in this scenario at all. The requirements for this scenario are listed at the end of the Scenario Diagram I have written:

Driver this is Control - the booked driver for the Mystex 1Z81 has gone sick, we need you to go and start 40128 on the SIDINGS and get ready to couple up to the coaches once the Southern crew has cleared off out the way, and take the train to Stafford where a Crewe driver will relieve you then you can jump the first train back to Rugby and book off. Thank you Driver. Heres a copy of the job for you.



About the Scenario
Rugby Drivers Diagram RY Sp3005

Book on: 06:50
Book off: 13:50
Hours : 7hrs

Class 40 - Prep Loco 07:20
Rugby Access Line : 07:22:49 / 07:23:09 (CE)
Rugby Up Good Loop : 07:27:50 / 07:28:10
Rugby Flyover South : 07:31:00 / 07:31:20 (CE)Pass RC6002 Signal (Shift Tab)
Rugby Plat 4 : 07:33:13 / 07:33:13 (CE)Stop & Couple up - 1Z81
Depart Rugby Pl4 : 07:35:10 / 07:38:31
Depart Nuneaton PL3 : 07:56:30 / 07:59:34
Depart Tamworth PL1 : 08:13:30 / 08:15:05
Depart Litchfield PL1 : 08:23:15 / 08:23:50
Depart Rugely TV Pl1 : 08:35:30 / 08:36:05
Arrive Stafford Pl1 : 09:00:07 - Reld Crewe Driver CD3005 at 09:02:42

(CE) = Change Ends
Reld = Relieved By

IRL you wouldn't ask permission to get a shunt signal which is why I have done it this way.



Created by

Bex Reddy
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