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Settle to Carlisle - Electric

Settle to Carlisle - Electric

Description: Basically this is an electric version of the Settle to Carlisle Line, I did this to practice with the overhead wire tool basically. For the most part it is complete (track, signals and quick drive), there are a few minor scenery bits needed to be done but that is pretty much it (adding transformers for the Overhead lines)


  • Update V1.01 - Fixed gaps in return wires (whole route)
  • Update V1.01 - Fixed gaps in Caternary
  • Update V1.01 - Minor scenery updates - replaced Bridges, lots of trees (not all but lots)
  • Update V1.01 - Changed Carlisle Overhead wires to newer ones (not perfect but better than before)
  • Update V1.02 - Added Transformers all along route and changed a lot of trees to WCML Versions

If you don't like this route, please let me know why :) (mainly so i know where to improve :) ), also 

Settle to Carlisle - Dovetail Games
Adding Electrication and Modifications to Signals / Quick Drives and Scenery - Danny Leach

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