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North London , Goblin and South London Network 2015

Note - I'm not adding the East London Line to this - this is mainly because of the many extra assets that would be needed to make that route accurate. (I've also not included Blackfriars to this route version because of the other requirements needed )

Description: This route basically combines North London & Goblin onto the South London Network and is set in 2015 so has Battersea Park P1 culled completely and P2 as a terminal platform. To Note it currently doesn't have a quick drive other than that Goblin one - this will be finished after the Electrified Goblin route - uploaded so that it can be seen. (set in 2015 because of London Bridge - not sure what to do with that one )

Notes: Goblin is not electrified in this version 


Basically this route has been merged together with not much extra done to it, although I'll need to re-add Beckenham Junction from South London & Thameslink but not using Bedford assets (to keep it to just North London & Goblin + South London Network only )

Things to Finish - Need to update Platform Lengths for 2015, and other updates, although East Croydon and London Bridge are a pain so not sure what to do with those, I also need to add quick drive to this route but that will be after the Electrified Goblin. (I was caught off guard by it being released on a Wednesday )

(Also forgot to add Crystal Palace to Beckenham Junction into it but that will be included in the next upload - my apologies, at the moment its just South London Network) 

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