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Munich to Innsbruck

Munich to Innsbruck - Via Garmisch

Not an official route, this will combine Munich to Garmisch and the Mittenwald - Garmisch to Innsbruck as a separate route, so you'll be able to drive from Munich to Innsbruck in one go. To note the only scenarios that come with this route are Quick Drives (I can't upload scenarios with a route). 

A note: Its mentioned on the German forums "Danny should keep to his London Routes", to note to that - I like to merge routes like this together. Also to note London Routes aren't actually my favourite route, that would be Network Southeast and Kentish type routes (but I also like communter type routes too whether they are in Germany, Us or UK )

Notes - Also if you decide to rate down this route, you are perfectly entitled too of course, but I do ask though if you could say why you don't like it, as I welcome any constructive critism. (PS - I don't bite, if you say you don't like the route :) )

For other things that I have done in my own time, I also have a facebook page with pictures from Scenarios and other routes that i've looked at.

Updates - 

  • Fixed issue for Quick Drive from Munich to Innsbruck (and all stations upto and not including Garmisch
  • Fixed issue with Mittenwald Quick Drive spawn facing wrong direction Northbound and also added stations to munich from Mittenwald (not sure how i missed that!)
  • Moved Quick Drive spawn point at Munich to Platform 26 (also for trains into Munich) - to account for Double ICE T Formations
  • Moved Quick Drive spawn point at Innsbruch to Platform 1 (for Double ICE T Formations)
  • Added speed limit sign north of Mittenwald for a 40 Km/h section of track

Credits - 

Mittenwald- Dovetail Games
Munich Garmisch - Dovetail Games
Combined Route - Danny Leach (Some scenery in Munich Garmisch too )

Created by

Danny's Route Pictures
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