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2016 London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham & Sheerness

2016 - London Victoria & St Pancras to Faversham and Sheerness

2016 - Description

This route merges Chatham Main Line to London to Faversham and the Sheerness on Sea Branch routes, this version is set in 2016 so has the new stations at Rochester, updates to Gravesend, a bay platform at Battersea P2 instead of two through lines, a bay platform at Rainham station as well as upto date LED signals between Longfield and Sittingbourne.

For those that want to have the Older Rochester / Gravesend and Rainham stations present there is this version set in 2012 Click Here for More

Notes: Gravesend Clutter isn't finished (Had to focus on quick drive)
Some quick drives may not work 

  • Quick Drive from Victoria / St Pancras to Faversham / Sheerness (with AI on 3rd rail sections)
  • Replaced All London to Faversham track with Chatham Mainline track texture
  • Replaced all roads to include new cars
  • Replaced all "Kuju" platform lofts to newer texture (where possible)
  • Replaced Whistle Signs with Track Linked ones
  • Fixed various platform lofts that were broken
  • Fixed AWS Ramp issues at Sheerness / Sittingbourne "Triange"
  • Replaced all Pylons with wired versions
  • Retained Old Rochester Intact, as well as old Rainham and Gravesend
  • Added missing bridge at Queenborough + Adjusted surrounding scenery
  • Added pylons to sheerness branch area
  • New Gravesend (as much as i can - still has old footbridge)
  • New Rochester (as in Chatham Mainline)
  • 2016 signalling between Rochester / Strood and Sittingbourne 
  • Removed sidings from Queenborough Area (as no longer there )
  • Added lots of Grass / Weeds to disused siding
  • Removed P1 at Battersea Park and Extended P3 (although a bit pointless for this route)
  • 1.2 Fixed Floating Buffers at Sheerness (and replaced a couple of Cars)
  • 1.2 Added OSS at Sheerness on Sea platforms
  • 1.2 Fixed Floating 3rd Rail between Rochester and Sole Street
  • 1.2 Floating 3rd Rail at Newington (I think?)
  • 1.2 Speed issue between Rainham and Newington
  • 1.3 Added Second barrier to Rainham Crossing (Both Rainhams!)
  • 1.3 Added Second Barrier to Gillingham Crossing
  • 1.3 Removed second - 6 Car Stop sign at Gravesend
  • 1.3 Fixed 3rd Rail Issues East of Gravesend
  • 1.3 Fixed AI at Faversham on Quickdrive (Southbound) heading into wrong portal
  • 1.3 Fixed Directionality Issue at Gravesend P2
  • 1.3 Added Consts Spawn Point at Rainham P0 (60% chance of seeing something - Southbound) 

    Also noted - Quick Drive routing issues where it was crossing over to the track many times from St Pancras - but could reproduce this. (Changing points were mentioned - but you can't change points in quick drive - unless manual )

Bug Fixing
Both Routes

  • Improved Beckenham Junction area (Waitrose) - not the best but removed horrible warehouse and replaced with another warehouse - hopefully better. 
  • Added Portal After Ebbsfleet area. 
  • Fixed Quick Drive issue into Victoria
  • Fixed Red Light Issue Exiting Victoria to Faversham
  • Removed AI heading into Faversham on Quickdrive (Northbound)
  • Added more carriage sidings AI to quickdrives (where possible)
  • Removed Two AWS ramps for speed changes on crossovers
  • Fixed strange issue with Points around Sheerness
  • Added Church to Chatham Area near station
  • Fixed strange tunnel issue North of Dagenham Area
  • Other minor fixes that I've forgotten about (I only wrong this list near the end)

Notes - Can't add Southern or other rolling stock to AI because of how it is set up - if i add the route to the Southern / FCC stock it will appear everywhere), the Javelin is similar in that it would also appear in the wrong places. 

2016 - 

  • Finished Gravesend area (can't fix the footbridge unfortunately)
  • Levelled Terrain north of Rochester

Original Routes: DTG (I was part of all 3 routes as part of a team)
Route Merging and Updates: Danny Leach

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Danny's Route Pictures
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